Review Round Up: The Miser, Garrick Theatre

Griff Rhys Jones, Lee Mack and Ryan Gage star in Sean Foley’s production of Moliere’s comedy. But what have critics been saying about it? 

The Miser

The Stage: ** “Foley has directed many of his actors to over-the-top extremes, and there’s nothing less funny than acting that is trying too hard to be funny.”

The Telegraph; *** “It’s fun enough, but you may want to save your shekels.”

The Financial Times: ** “it repeatedly feels as if almost everyone is trying much too hard.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “‘Comedy first, psychological insight later’ is Foley’s take on The Miser, and indeed his production is fresh, funny and farcical. But maybe his cast can afford to relax a bit more – they’re all excellent, after all.”

The Guardian: *** “would have enjoyed the production more if it didn’t seek to clobber us into submission.”

Time Out: *** “Make no mistake, this is played for very broad laughs indeed. The fourth wall is dispensed with after about 30 seconds, the dialogue is peppered with topical anachronisms, and the gags involve falling plasterwork, scurrying rodents and boners in breeches.”

The Upcoming: ***** “a delightful feast of non-stop laughter.”

British **** “the laughs come thick and fast through the ensuing chaos, and with some stand out comedic performances, it seems like there’s still plenty of life in Molière’s old Miser yet.”

Theatre Weekly: *** “The cast did well with the material and seemed to keep the audience entertained.”

British Theatre Guide: “Throughout, the style smacks of pantomime, albeit given an adult twist with double entendres and Carry On type comedy designed to get easy laughs. Inevitably this will have massive appeal to a certain class of theatregoer, while repelling others.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Most wonderful of all about this comedy, is the unmistakable pleasure apparent in the cast as they give it their everything, confidently playing it to perfection, often giving the impression of improvisation whether or not this is the case.”

Broadway World: **** “The Miser is a bawdy farce that ticks all the boxes for a great night out.”

The Times: *** “They certainly cram in the comedy in this free, verging on frantic Molière adaptation.”

Evening Standard: *** “the basics of the plot come a distant second to the welter of wisecracks.”

London Theatre1: *** (1/2) “The strapline over this production is “Moliere’s Classic Comedy” though in fact the production owes as much to “Blackadder”, “Little Britain” and other modern satirical TV series as it does to 17th Century French drama.”

Radio Times: *** “if you’re after a relaxed evening of silliness and slapstick, this is just the ticket. ”

Culture Whisper: ** “But with jokes that are uninspired and more than a little tired, more attention to Molière’s social commentary would have been warmly welcomed.”

Official Theatre: ** “Keeping with the panto-esque feel, audience participation is rife, although this seems contrived and not particularly believable. This can also be said about the ad libs – some feel forced as though the audience haven’t quite reacted to the previous line as they should.”

The Daily Mail: *** “Good old Griff is mildly amusing as the miser but the production is done with such knowing irony, it is hard to become attached to the characters.”

Pocket Size Theatre: **** “If anything the first act is a little over long and slow and the harpsichord gags could be reduced, but the pace picks up in the second half as it races to its farcical conclusion and sends the audience home still giggling and amused by a modern retelling of a classic period comedy .”

The Miser continues to play at the  Garrick Theatre until the 3rd June. To book tickets for the West End run visit:, Discount, Last, Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK


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