REVIEW: Diana: Her Fashion Story, Kensington Palace

This small and compact exhibition celebrates the impact the Princess of Wales had on the world of fashion. 


As well as being married to the Prince of Wales, Princess Diana was well known for her fashion style, never shy about mixing up styles to create something bold and new that many fashion designers and the public loved.

From her early appearances as a debutante, through her marriage and her charity work, this new exhibition reveals how the Princess used fashion as a way to make a statement about her work in the public eye.



Throughout the exhibition visitors really get a sense of how her style evolved over the years, making small adjustments to make a dress or outfit more personal and at the same time setting fashion trends that many women recreated.

The trouble is because the exhibition is being held in such as small space, it means that conditions are quite cramped making it difficult to appreciate what you are looking at and can be quite a uncomfortable experience. IMG_4635

Many of the outfits on display aren’t perhaps the most spectacular, but they do tell a story of a life led in the public eye that was to end in a tragic way. The outfits that stand out the most though are the classic suits that she would wear when attending charity related events, ensuring that newspapers and people looking at her would realise she was working to raise awareness – not to be a fashion icon.

The exhibition has quotes from fashion industry experts and fashion designers dotted all around that adds a personal touch, showing just how much she was admired by people for doing her own thing when it came to fashion.

It is a short exhibition and it would be fantastic if there was a bigger space for the exhibition to be held to give people a proper opportunity to admire the clothes selected and to explore her fashion influence properly. But it is a nice taster of what she did for fashion.

Diana: Her Fashion Story will run at Kensington Palace until 2018. For more information and to book tickets visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤


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