REVIEW: Nothing Short of Love by Charlie Carter

Filled with a mixture of fun tracks combined with songs that really hit the heart – this is an album that won’t fail to charm listeners. 

Nothing Short of Love

This 10 track album created by Charlie Carter has plenty of variety to keep listeners entertained from beginning to end from uptempo numbers such as ‘Been a Pleasure’ and ‘Maybe Baby’ to more heartfelt and sensitive songs such as ‘A Little Room’ and ‘Home is Where the Heart is’.

The album is consistent throughout in terms of the quality of the music and its ability to engage the listener throughout. Meanwhile, the tone of the album is quiet and sensitive – even during the uptempo numbers that can make the album sound lacking in confidence, particularly noticeable on ‘Maybe Baby’ which is catchy and uncomplicated and yet despite the upbeat nature seems to be slightly too relaxed.

‘Soho Rambler’ is a highlight of the album because of its spirited nature and fun lyrics that bring a smile to listeners faces, while capturing the enduring spirit of London. The album is further enhanced by guest performances from Siubhan Harrison, Dami Olukoya and Frances Eva Lea, each adding their own dynamic and personality to the songs. ‘A Little Room’ sung by Siubhan Harrison is particularly heartfelt and enjoyable to listen to.

It would be great to see more changes in pace but the album flows from song to song with incredible smoothness and is well structured to create a story that  is engaging throughout.

Overall, Nothing Short of Love is a well constructed album that has plenty of rhythm and jazz elements to make a heartfelt and engaging album.

Nothing Short of Love is available to buy and download now. For more information on how to download the album visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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