Review Round Up: Posh, Pleasance Theatre

This brand new all-female production of Laura Wade’s hit play directed by Cressida Carre has officially opened at the Pleasance Theatre. But what have critics been making of it? 

(c) Darren Bell. 

The Independent: ***** “A mark of the production’s power that it persuades you that the all-female casting is integral to the play’s meaning and that it should be performed like this from now on.”

The Stage: ** ” the treatment of the play itself lacks a clear shape and the whole production feels like a missed opportunity.”

WhatsOnStage: ** “Everything’s played from outside. Every character’s judged and, so, the drama deflates.”

A Younger Theatre: “Posh is a richly comic play and this production includes a couple of star turns, particularly from the character of Ed Montgomery (played by Verity Kirk).”

Broadway World: *** “Wade’s play certainly still has bite, and this production is a welcome continuation of the cross-casting trend that gives meatier parts to comparatively neglected actresses. But, while an intriguing provocation, it’s neither a totally convincing account of her work, nor a revolutionary reappraisal of it.”

Exeunt Theatre: “So, if it’s not the production, or the casting, or the context that annoys me, it must be the fourth thing: Wade’s play is supposed to get under your skin. It’s supposed to make you furious about the circles within circles that privilege someone based on their father’s surname.” 

Everything Theatre: *** “This new production is not a great reinvention of Posh, but the top notch cast makes it worth the watch, whether you’re a new Riot Club initiate or one of the old boys.”

The Guardian: *** “for all the production’s efforts, we have no pity for these spoilt brats, no matter how rakish they appear to be.”

Evening Standard: **** “A fruitful and hugely enjoyable experiment.”

The Times: ** “Sadly, the production is rather tame and toothless, with pivotal moments lacking darkness and danger.”

The Upcoming: **** “Though not exactly carving out meaty roles for women on the stage, now, in the current turbulent landscape of women’s rights, the all-female cast answers a clarion call that is echoed, from boardrooms to bedrooms, all over the world today.”

British **** “the production succeeds because of the brilliance of Laura Wade’s writing and Carré’s masterly direction.”

London Box Office: ***** “a great evening’s theatre should be entertaining and thought provoking. This brave, inspired and unusual production succeeds triumphantly in both respects.”

The Grizzle Review: *** “It’s debatable, then, whether Posh really transcends gender, but this production is certainly a thought-provoking and nonetheless enjoyable performance.”

London Theatre1: **** “The experiment of having an all-female cast is daring and dramatic and goes to show that good, well-written characters can be played by talented actors irrespective of gender.”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: **** “Daring director Cressida Carre  takes her cast and gives them all the prominence their characters sorely desire”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: **** “This production of POSH works very successfully and reinforces the view that gender doesn’t matter. A good actor is a good actor and a good play is a good play.”

Live Theatre UK: *** “It is easy to overthink the meaning of the production’s gender bending and ignore the case in hand: twelve talented female actors performing in a funny, fiery and finessed production.”

Posh continues to play at the Pleasance Theatre until the 22nd April. For more information and to book tickets visit:




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