REVIEW: 2 Become 1, King’s Head Theatre

Returning to the King’s Head Theatre, Swipe Right’s hilarious musical devoted to the 90’s is nostalgic and high spirited. 

2 Become 1 (c) The Other Richard (1)
(c) The Other Richard. 

As I write this, I’m having a nostalgic moment by listening to the likes of B*Witched, The Spice Girls, TLC among others to help me get back into the 90’s to help me write this review.

But 2 Become 1 isn’t just bringing back the 90’s – including the outfits (which lets be honest probably having dated well…) it is a story about friendship and picking your life up when it doesn’t quite go your way and while by equal turns sentimental and occasionally crude it is still completely relatable now in terms of dating and the difficulty in getting to know people through the internet, which was really beginning to emerge towards the end of the 90’s.

Only an hour long, it is a musical that doesn’t outstay its welcome, throwing in all kinds of references to the 90’s that might be lost on those who don’t remember the decade but it is delightful to everyone who does – whether it is references to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt being the ultimate relationship goal or how dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio is, it is a show that has something for everyone.

The story follows for very different 90’s girls as they prepare for a night of speed dating trying to find their ‘Mr Right’ as told through some classic 90’s songs such as ‘…Baby One More Time’, ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman!’ and ‘No Scrubs’ to name a few. On the surface you might think how on earth can these songs merge coherently to make a musical? But despite a slightly awkward beginning, all of the songs actually work quite well in context of the show.

Of course, some of the characters get a little bit carried away and the humour gets a bit crude in places bringing to mind the film Bridesmaids, but Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason have written it with such charm that 2 Become 1 and the cast get away with it.

It is a show that is very much about the girl power and while some vocals could perhaps be stronger there is no doubting it was designed to entertain and it does that with ease. For those who weren’t around in the 90’s and want a guide to what it was like then you will need to see this show! Oh and be warned if you are male you might be in danger of some audience participation…

2 Become 1 continues to play at the King’s Head Theatre until the 29th April. For more information and to book tickets visit:

Rating: ❤❤❤❤


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