New Video: Benji Muji Mau by Holly Holden

As her new EP Tropical Soul is released, Holly Holden unveils the video for new single Benji Muji Mau. 

The London based singer is inspired by travel, as is reflected by her music which blends pop tunes with Caribbean rhythms, a mixture which she calls “Tropical Soul”.

In her songs, the singer combines English and Spanish lyrics to take her music in different directions and to allow those listening to go on their own personal journey.

Aside from her solo work, Holden is also a member of all female vocal group Deep Throat Choir who released their debut album ‘Be OK’ on Bella Union in Spring 2017 and Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit.

Having being brought up in Cornwall and spent most of her twenties making music in Bristol and Berlin, the singer uses her music to create a home environment wherever she goes.

So far in her career, Holden has collaborated with artists including folk singer Johnny Flynn’s band, drummer David Beauchamp and guitarist Frank Clarke as well as performing at numerous UK festivals including Green Man Festival.

Her latest EP as Holly Y Su Banda EP draws on her tropical sound, filled with songs that will help to offer escapism from the world. Other songs on the EP include: ‘Born at the Right Time’ and ‘ Dead Coral’ .

To purchase Tropical Soul visit:

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