Sneak Peek at… The Pulverised, Arcola Theatre

Officially opening at the Arcola Theatre tonight, production images of Andy Sava’s production have been released. 

The Pulverised - Arcola Theatre - Rebecca Boey - Photos by Dashti Jahfar 1
Rebecca Boey (c) Dashti Jahfar. 

A quality assurance officer from France, a call centre manager from Senegal, a factory worker from China, and an engineer from Romania. Each leads a life apart, but all work round-the-clock for the same multinational corporation.

When work has no borders, what’s the cost? Alexandra Badea‘s captivating drama is a powerful and disturbing portrait of globalisation and its far-reaching effects on our lives.

The Pulverised - Arcola Theatre - Rebecca Boey - Photos by Dashti Jahfar
Rebecca Boey (c) Dashti Jahfar. 

Following its premiere at the National Theatre of Strasbourg,  Alexandra Badea’s The Pulverised arrives in London with a new English translation by Lucy Phelps.

The production stars Rebecca Boey, Richard Corgan, Solomon Israel and Kate Miles in this story that is an unsettling portrait of globalisation’s far-reaching grip on our working lives.

The Pulverised - Arcola Theatre - Solomon Israel - Photos by Dashti Jahfar 2
Solomon Israel. (c) Dashti Jahfar 

Talking about the production, Andy Sava said: “The Pulverised is an urgent tale about multinational corporations, and how they have changed our lives through eroding all borders and boundaries. The play tracks the journey of a character who is following the sun, on a round-the-world business trip – it reveals how extremely close and how intimately connected we are, from Shanghai’s factories to Bucharest’s ‘silicone valley’. ”

The Pulverised - Arcola Theatre - Kate Miles - Photos by Dashti Jahfar.jpg
Kate Miles (c) Dashti Jahfar. 

The production will feature set and costume design by Nicolai Hart-Hansen, sound and video design by Ashley Ogden and lighting design by Tom Smith.

After its run at the Arcola Theatre, the production will then play at the York Theatre Royal from Wednesday 31st May – Saturday 10th June.

The Pulverised will play at the Arcola Theatre until the 27th May. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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