NEWS: Erratica and Print Room at the Coronet to Present World Premiere of Remnants

New British music theatre company Erratica wil present the world premiere of Remnants at the Print Room at the Coronet from the 12th June. 


Performed by four singers and dancers,  Erratica presents their brand new  electro-folk opera which re-arranges traditional Balkan vocal music and combining it with bass-heavy electronics.

Telling the true story of one woman’s experience of the aftermath of the Srebrenica massacre, and her family’s connection to the Holocaust in Bosnia 50 years before, Remnants is based on the memoir The Stone Fields by Croatian-American writer Courtney Angela Brkic.

The production will be performed by an all-female cast including Emma Bonnici, Victoria Couper, Eugenia Georgieva, Fabiola Santana and Olesya Zdorovetska.

A moving personal narrative set against the backdrop of the twinned tragedies of Bosnia and the Second World War, Remnants is a troubling and timely reminder of the consequences of prejudice and how the traumas of the past continue to affect us to this day.

Remnants is directed by Patrick Eakin Young, with audio extracts from interviews with the author and  combination of original vocal works by Christian Mason, traditional Balkan music and electronic compositions by Shelley Parker with choreography from Jamila Johnson-Small.

Courtney Angela Brkic has worked for the United Nations International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. Her book The Stone Fields: An Epitaph for Living, the inspiration for this production partly recounts her time spent in eastern Bosnia as part of a Physicians for Human Rights forensic team as well as the story of her Grandmother, Andelka, and the losses she faced during the Bosnian Holocaust of World War II.

Remnants will play at the Print Room at the Coronet from the 12th June until the 1st July. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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