This latest instalment in the Alien series is now in cinemas, starring Michael Fassbender. Here is what critics have been saying about it… 

Slash Film: “Even if the twists and turns in the plot aren’t too hard to see coming, there’s a distinct joy that Scott takes in setting up and setting off each of those traps.”

Variety:  “As acts of creation go, Scott has made an “Alien” movie for that segment of the audience that has always rooted for the monster.” “Covenant’s framework and exciting action put enough new spins on the series’ most reliable touchstones that the cast is able to carry it through to a satisfying end.”

The Telegraph: ***** “Scott’s Alien: Covenant is a mad scientist film – arguably, one of the maddest.”

Rolling Stone: *** “Ridley Scott’s philosophical, perverse addition to sci-fi franchise is the best movie in the series.”

Consequence of Sound: “If there’s anything to take away from Covenant, which is what it might have been called if Hollywood had a spine worth cracking, is that the most intriguing facets have zero to do with anything from the original series.”

NME: **** “If you’ve ever enjoyed an Alien film, this one is worth spending two hours in space for.” **** 1/2 “It’s familiar, and sometimes predictable, but it is definitely one that fans have to see and it’s enjoyable despite its flaws.”

AV Club: “One can’t help but wish that Covenant did more with the Lovecraftian aspects of H.R. Giger’s designs for the series’ extraterrestrial creatures and environments. The gaunt, hideous, flesh-ripping xenomorphs seem to hold minimal visual interest for Scott, which makes for an unimaginative climax.”

Hollywood Reporter: ” Gripping through its full two hours and spiked with some real surprises, this beautifully made sci-fi thriller will immeasurably boost fan interest in the run of prequels.”

Empire: *** “Scott is still good at this sci-fi malarkey, be it the big stuff (the Covenant sprouting sails to harness power) or the telling details (alien atoms get highlighted in smoke rings).”

The Daily Mail: **** “This film, with its dripping gore and its nasty frights, is much truer to the spirit of the original Alien.”

Evening Standard: *** “In attempting to play off nostalgia — Alien’s stomach-churning suspense, the electrifying action of Aliens, and the religious gravitas of Prometheus — Scott takes on more than one film could handle, and misses all three.”




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