Inside the Rehearsals of… Punts, Theatre503

Arriving at Theatre503 from the 31st May, Sarah Page’s new play explores the tensions of familial love and the excitement generated by erotic attachment. Here is a glimpse of what has been happening in rehearsals. 

Punts (Christopher Adams and Florence Roberts) - Courtesy of Claudia Marinaro_3.jpg
Christopher Adams and Florence Roberts. (c)Claudia Marinaro. 

Jack, a young man with a learning disability, lives at home, cared for by his devoted parents. Like most men in their twenties, he has needs – his mates at the rugby club talk about nothing but getting laid, whilst Jack’s most erotic experience to date is the time he was winked at by the pretty cashier in Lloyds. Desperate for their son to not feel left out, his parents Alastair and Antonia decide that they should to bring in a professional. But Julia, the prostitute they hire, has a far more profound impact on the whole family than they could ever have imagined.

The play is produced by Kuleshov Theatre, who were behind the critically acclaimed production of BU21 and the production is directed by Jessica Edwards.

Punts (Graham O_Mara and Clare Lawrence Moody) - Courtesy of Claudia Marinaro_2
Graham O’Mara and Clare Lawrence Moody. (c) Claudia Marinaro. 

Talking about her new play Sarah Page said: “In researching Punts I interviewed a number of prostitutes, ranging from women on the streets, those employed in Soho walk-ups, to a retired dominatrix who used to earn an annual income higher than our Prime Minister. All of the women had, at some point in their career, worked with clients with disabilities. This production explores the question of whether sex is a human right – which should be accessible to all, whether disabled or able bodied.”

Punts was selected from over 1000 entries as a finalist for the international Nick Darke Writers’ Award 2016.

The cast of Punts (Theatre503) - Courtesy of Claudia Marinaro_2.jpg
The cast of Punts. (c) Claudia Marinaro. 

The cast for the production includes Graham O’Mara, Florence Roberts, Christopher Adams  and Clare Lawrence Moody.

Meanwhile, the creative team includes: designs by Amelia Jane Hankin, lighting by Dan Saggars and sound by Owen Crouch.

Punts will play at Theatre503 from the 31st May until the 24th June. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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