Review Round Up: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie brings the legend of King Arthur back to life in this latest film starring Charlie Hunnam. Here is what critics have been saying about it: 

Evening Standard: ** “It is a film as long on tediously stylised fight scenes and portentous electro-folk music as it is short on emotional involvement.”

The Sun: ** “The whole film is murky, too quick, and stylistically all over the place.”

The Telegraph:** “The action works to the extent that it does at all thanks to the occasional grandeur of the landscapes, the richly detailed sets, and Daniel Pemberton’s skirling score, which give the combat a teeth-baring energy that’s otherwise unearned. ”

The Guardian:  *** “The film rattles along exhilaratingly, if sometimes intermittently, like a fairground rollercoaster that occasionally stops and makes you get out and walk for a few minutes before letting you back on.”

NME: *** “this is a fun and excellently camp fantasy carry-on, given added flash thanks to the stunning scenery of Wales’s Snowdonia and the Scottish highlands.”

Variety: “Ritchie’s overwrought sense of flamboyance isn’t nearly queer enough to achieve “so bad it’s good” self-parody.”

Empire: ** “Ritchie is clearly still adept at marshalling an inventive action set-piece, but all hopes that this is heading anywhere interesting are ultimately dashed.”

Consequence of Sound:  “King Arthur isn’t without style, and you can’t ask for a better corner for a would-be franchise than an actor like Hunnam. There are entertaining moments scattered throughout. Yet it’s likely that the next wave of CG excess will arrive before you’ve even had a chance to remember why you were, ever so briefly, having fun.”

The Verge: “But King Arthur also has its strengths, largely in the operatic emotions. Once in a while, Ritchie actually stops to take a breath and give the characters time to feel their mortality.”

Hollywood Reporter: “After using visual effects to extensively create huge masses of armies and mayhem, the film suddenly resorts to a herky-jerky video game approach in a climactic stand-off that looks quite lame in contrast to most of the action.”

The London Economic: “King Arthur is not so much an epic fantasy adventure, but more of a mammoth production of boorish, noisy and not to mention unnecessarily silly going-ons.”

Screen Rant: “Legend of the Sword‘s brazen reimagining of Arthurian mythos, coupled with Ritchie’s style, makes for a bombastic yet entertaining King Arthur epic.”

Radio Times: ***** “A gloriously visual and vibrant retelling of the oft-told legend.”

Den of Geek: *** “If this does lead to an Arthurian movie universe, let’s hope for a better balancing act in the follow-up films, and a lot more Excalibur…”

The Upcoming: ** “Hunnam plays a charismatic and smirking Arthur very well, but unfortunately this attitude makes his character difficult to root for throughout the story.”

Rolling Stone: * “Ritchie loves the clash of armies, and he proceeds to bury our noses in battle for over two punishing, mind-numbing hours.”






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