It has been announced that for the 13th year running, the Chap Olympiad will return with its day long annual celebration of eccentricity. 


Set against the backdrop of a traditional English garden party and running on the 15th July, the Chap Olympiad will be hosted by Bedford Square Gardens in London.

The day will consist of live music, food and fun sporting games which have included in the past:

Not Playing Tennis: players seated in armchairs, play a game of tennis without getting up. The tennis ball is suspended on a wire strung between two hat stands.

Tea Pursuit: contestants in pairs chase each other on bicycles, one with a teacup, and one with a teapot. The tea must be poured into the cup and the fullest cup of tea wins overall. Well Dressage: two contestants, each mounted on a hobbyhorse, make a display of elegance and panache around the track in a freestyle manner. They are awarded points by lady judges with number cards.

Umbrella Jousting: two contestants, armed only with brollies and briefcases, must go at one another on bicycles and attempt to knock each other off.

The Chap Olympiad was set up to celebrate panache rather than sporting prowess and require only the bare minimum of of physical exertion. “Any form of training, working out and gymnasium attendance is discouraged, while incompetence, worrying about one’s attire and being addled on Pimms are exactly what the judges are looking for.”

Over the last 13 years, The Chap Olympiad has become a strong part of London’s line up. Following the success of last year’s games which included Trump Toupee, this year’s Chap Olympiad has another programme of new topical games alongside live music, workshops, food stalls and cocktails.

The Chap Olympiad will take place on Saturday 15th July at Bedford Square Gardens from 12pm until dusk. Tickets will cost £25 and are available to buy here.