Ray Rackham’s musical about Judy Garland has arrived at London’s Arts Theatre for a limited season. But what have critics been saying about it? 


London Theatre.co.uk: *** “Each actress is able to bring a different facet to play, but all are strikingly brilliant singers of her songs”

West End Wilma: **** “Judy! is a real theatrical gem, which deserves high praise and a much longer stage life than the few weeks it is being given at the Arts Theatre.”

London Theatre1: ***** “Judy! is an unforgettable opportunity to click our ruby slippers and remind ourselves that there really is no place like home and no Judy like Judy Garland.”

British Theatre.com: *** “Well, it remains to be seen what this does or does not do for audiences at the Arts. I think it’s worth a look, but it has ceased to exude the magic it once had.”

Live Theatre UK .co.uk: **** “There is much to enjoy here and the three central performances are each, on their own, worth the ticket price.”

Time Out: **** “in its best moments, it’s funny, moving and nimble – a true celebration of Garland’s talent, not just a belated wake.”

The Gay UK: ***** “Judy is a potted history of the life of Judy Garland told with wit and warmth.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: ***** “It has to be said that Rackham has written something outstanding in Judy. Not only a celebratory insightful delve into Judy’s life but a devotion to her very being.”

theatreworldim2.com: ” A truly fitting tribute to an almost reluctant star who, I feel, just wanted to be loved.”

The Sweet London Life: ***** “Judy! is a heartwarming show about a much-loved legend played with aplomb by a hugely talented cast.”

Judy! continues to play at the Arts Theatre until the 17th June. To book tickets visit: Ticketmaster.co.uk, Discount Theatre.com, Last Minute.com, Theatre Tickets Direct.co.uk, Love Theatre.com, Theatre People.com and UK Tickets.co.uk

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