Harry Melling and Jasmine Hyde star in Tommo Fowler’s production of Matt Parvin’s play. But what have critics been saying about it:


The Guardian: *** “while Parvin knows how to rhythm a play, he builds his thesis about our society’s divisions on decidedly partial evidence.”

The Stage: *** “Jam leaves you turning its events over and over long after its characters seem to find equilibrium.”

The Times: *** “This needs a stronger structure, but is still cruelly funny and crammed with detail.”

Exeunt Magazine: “Melling and Hyde are both great, though, he a squirming bundle of agonised regret and barely contained anger, she movingly embodying the essential battle of being a teacher : not letting the student know when you feel something.”

Broadway World: ** “Melling and Hyde’s excellent performances – circling each other, both saying more with their eyes than with their mouths – are largely squandered on a script that needs tightening and an injection or two of plausibility.”

London Theatre1: **** “It’s a provocative and forthright play. And that’s the truth.”

Everything Theatre: **** “an uneasy and gripping piece of new writing featuring two bloody good performances. Catch it while you can.”

West End Wilma: **** “Jam is an excellent production and I was surprised by the tension it builds and by the spark of unexpected humanity it shows.”

The Upcoming: ***** “The creeping ideas of identity and role linger well beyond the final curtain, an impressively chilling feat that makes this production a must see.”

British Theatre Guide: “Matt Parvin has written a strong play that successfully creates detailed character studies of the mentally challenged but innately perceptive Kane and articulate Bella in convincing fashion.”

The Gizzle Review:**** “Melling is wholly convincing as Kane, a man with a multitude of issues. It’s a complex performance both physically and mentally, innocently fidgeting with his clothes and then bounding around the cage-like stage like an ape.”

View from the Cheap Seat: “Harry Melling skillfully conveys Kane’s mood swings and hyperactive, inarticulate rage.”

Pocket Sized Theatre:*** “Credit to Hyde and Melling’s strong acting skills the tension between the pair was taught for the whole duration, and as an edge-of –your-seat drama the piece worked well. For me the emotional life or social commentary didn’t go right through, but if thrillers are your thing this is a decent show. ”

Jam continues to play at the Finborough Theatre until the 17th June. For more information visit: http://www.finboroughtheatre.co.uk/productions/2017/jam.php




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