PREVIEW: Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius, Design Museum

The Design Museum is to present a series of commissioned installations that explore our perceptions and connections to colour. 

Breathing colour

On display from the 28th June, the new exhibition is based on 15 years of research, Hella Jongerius explores the ways in which colour behaves through the a collection of new commissions that explore the effects that light conditions have on our perceptions of colour and form.

Based on research carried out by Jongerius, the display has been inspired by a wide range of sources including the work of celebrated artists who recognised the way in which light affects light and objects.

The exhibition blurs the lines between art and design as well as combining intriguing shapes with extensive research, questioning our preconceptions of colour and embracing its imperfection and experimentation.

Hella Jongerius explains: “There is a phenomenon in colorimetry called Metamerism. This was the starting point in my colour research. It occurs when colours are viewed in different conditions, and describes the effect when two colours appear to match even though they might not actually do so. I think everyone once bought a piece of furniture or clothing in a certain colour, and experienced a shock when unpacking it back home. Most companies see the effect as problematic and try to avoid it, and produce colours that attempt to eliminate it. But I want to make a plea for embracing metamerism.”

Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius will be on display at the Design Museum from the 28th June until the 24th September. For more information visit:


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