REVIEW: Dreamgirls Original Cast Recording

This gorgeous sounding record of the hit West End musical is absolutely fantastic for reliving some spectacular vocal performances. 


There was one thing that critics agreed on when Dreamgirls hit the London stage at the Savoy Theatre for the first time in December – the vocal quality of all of the cast was such a high standard.

Which means that when news of a cast recording was going to be released, there was much excitement. But can the recording live up to the live experience of the show? Thankfully, the answer is yes it does.

Everything about the album showcases the show’s music to high quality, while at the same time picking up bits that the audience may have missed out on during the live performance, having been dazzled by what they were watching.

In the case of songs such as ‘I Want You Baby’ and ‘Family’,the soulfulness and the beautiful arrangement work in perfect harmony  and picks up on how all of the cast are able to hit note after note spot on.

Of course, there is no flawed performance vocally from any of the cast and Amber Riley’s rendition of ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ is still as extraordinary as ever, still providing goosebumps while filling the room in which you are listening to it with a wonderful range of sound. But there are other stand out tracks and performances including Adam J Bernard’s (Jimmy Early in the show) performance of ‘Fake Your Way to the Top’ filled with energy and personality that transcribes well onto record.

Having been recorded during a live performance at the Savoy Theatre earlier this year, it means the album is given extra atmosphere by being able to hear the audience’s reaction to the performances. Although initially (particularly during when it is clear Amber Riley has arrived on stage) it can be slightly distracting, it soon becomes an important part of why this album works so well – giving the listener something extra to respond to and lifting the music to another level by being urged on by the live audience.

It is a high quality sounding album which perfectly reflects the spirit of the show whether or not you have got around to seeing it in the West End. A perfect reminder of what a dazzling show it is musically.

Dreamgirls the original cast recording is available to buy now

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤


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