Review Round Up: Working, Southwark Playhouse

Luke Sheppard directs this European premiere production at the Southwark Playhouse. Here is what critics have had to say about it: 


WhatsOnStage: *** “the entire show is full of energy and never less than engaging.”

The Stage: **** “The powerful achievement of Working is to tell ordinary stories in an extraordinary way.”

The Times: *** “This much-revised revue-style musical from 1977 feels bitty and dated in places, but it’s a slick, committed and superbly sung production.”

London **** “immensely powerful vocal performances from Dean Chisnall, Krysten Cummings, Liam Tame and Siubhan Harrison to make this one of the best sung shows in town.”

The Upcoming: ***** “Working is powerful, relevant and not on for long enough. Everyone should take the chance to see it while it’s around, and with this cast.”

Broadway World: **** “The show is a collaborative effort from start to finish, but that doesn’t affect its integrity in the slightest.”

British **** “Luke Sheppard, who, with his nifty choreographer Fabian Aloise (assisted by Hollie Taylor), and AD Leigh Toney, bring the catalogue of elements in this show, this panopticon of modern urban life, smoothly to the stage.”

West End Wilma: ***** “Working at the Southwark Playhouse is a brilliant production, featuring a beautifully varying score and wonderfully affecting performances.”

London Theatre1:***** “Luke Sheppard’s direction and Fabian Aloise’s choreography make it a smooth a slick evening and at just over an hour and a half, there’s not a second to breathe until the end.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “Working could seem so unlikely a musical that maybe it has no right to work, yet somehow it does beautifully.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “Working doesn’t give us the traditional satisfaction of watching a character rising to great heights. It does something far more interesting. It celebrates the ordinary: the humble man and woman.”

Theatre Weekly: ***** “a must-see before it hangs up its boots and clocks out, because the cast, the choreography and the beautiful score will not fail to make you look at people differently, whatever their profession.”

West End Theatre Guide: **** ” The musical’s closing message beautifully captures everyone’s yearning for leaving a legacy in something they’ve built, something they’ve contributed or created – something to point to that makes their life worthwhile.”

Jonathan Baz: ***** “In a world where it’s becoming more and more easy to forget the incredibly real and entirely fascinating lives of those who serve you coffee and build your homes, this musical is a welcome revival (and London premiere) and an eye-opening night. Oh, and so much fun.”

Working continues to play at the Southwark Playhouse until the 8th July. For more information visit:





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