The gallery will open its exhibition looking at the Turkish artist’s work on the 13th June, re-appraising her work in an international context. 

My Hell, 1951, Fahrelnissa Zeid. (c) Raad Al-Hussein (c)Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Best known for her large-scale and colourful canvases, with some reaching over five metres long, Zeid’s work will be re-examined in Tate Modern’s latest exhibition.

This major new display will bring together a number of paintings, drawings and sculptures spanning across a forty year career. Starting from expressionist works made in Istanbul in the early 1940s all the way through to her immersive abstract canvases exhibited in London, Paris and New York in the 1950s and 1960s the exhibition is a celebration of her career.

Zeid was one of the first women to receive formal training as an artist in Istanbul, before continuing her training in Paris in the late 1920’s. Tate’s new exhibition will showcase her breakthrough moment in the early 1940’s when she experimented with different approaches for painting.

The exhibition will reunite several works from her early solo shows which were held in her own apartment in Istanbul including Three Ways of Living (War) 1943 and Three Moments in a Day and a Life 1944.

As her career progressed, Zeid split her time between Paris and London with her exhibitions being well received by critics and artists alike, confirming her position as  one of the greatest working female artists at the time.

This new display is curated by Kerryn Greenberg, Curator, International Art and Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Assistant Curator, Collections International Art. After its run at Tate Modern the exhibition will visit the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin in October 2017 and then to the Sursock Museum in Beirut in April 2018.

Fahrelnissa Zeid will be on display at the Tate Modern from the 13th June until the 8th October. For more information visit: