Katy Perry has released her latest album ‘Witness’ – but what have critics been saying about it? 

Spin.com: “feels like it’s making a bid for a level of artistic seriousness—a recognition of aesthetic vision—that Perry has never really been afforded.”

The Guardian: **** “While her “edgy” new image might not appeal to everyone, K Pez still has a flair for tunes that quickly seep into the collective consciousness – and it’s kookier than ever.”

All Music.com: ** “Perry’s insistence on delving deep into electronic dance doesn’t play like a pop visionary charting new directions forward; it seems anxious, as if she can sense her youth — and perhaps more importantly, her stardom among youth — slipping away.”

Rolling Stone: *** “Perry has replaced the eye of the tiger with the heart of a contemporary night owl, making an album of mostly moody, dreamy, reserved music – and one double-entendre-filled, AC/DC-ready food fight in Bon Appetit.”

Variety:  “But the album counts at least as a sparkler — the kind you hold in your hand for 45 seconds in the summer, if not the enduring”

The Telegraph: ** “On the surface, it is slick and accomplished, with an emphasis on glistening electronic techno-disco grooves, plush, plastic sounds and special effects. But the more time you spend with each song, the more it sounds like a variation on something you’ve heard done better before, a formula in search of a hook.”

GQ Magazine: “Interestingly, it’s Perry’s best melodies that have the worst lyrics.”

The Times: ** “this is pop of the most mechanical and formulaic variety, with plenty of craft but no spark.”

NME: **** “Witness isn’t about subtlety, but if you’re going to deliver important messages about female autonomy to a young audience, it’s surely better to shout than whisper.”

The Arts Desk: “The stand-out track, by far, however, is “Chained to the Rhythm”, co-written by Sia and featuring Bob Marley’s grandson, Skip. It’s a perfect slice of pop, lightly marinated in calypso with lyrics and a melody that brilliantly muster both existential hopelessness and remaining upbeat against bad odds.”

Time Out: *** “The result is an album that reflects the woman who made it: ‘Witness’ is sometimes wide of the mark, but probably more considered than you initially think. And like Perry generally, its heart seems to be in the right place.”

The Financial Times: *** “Problems arise with clumsy reversions to the camp, innuendo-laden style of old, such as “Bon Appétit”, one of several underperforming singles preceding the album, and too much filler.”

Evening Standard: *** “She mostly still has energy here but could do with offering a bit more fun.”

Katy Perry’s album ‘Witness’ is available to buy through Amazon now. 



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