REVIEW: Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah’s latest Hercule Poirot mystery is filled with intricate details that would have made Agatha Christie proud. 

Closed Casket

Following on from her previous Poirot novel The Monogram Murders, Sophie Hannah has once again come up with another intriguing mystery for the Belgian detective to solve – even if at times the story becomes slightly tangled and overly complicated in places.

Closed Casket sees Poirot and Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard summoned to Lady Athelinda Playford’s mansion in Ireland – without knowing why they have been invited. But when Lady Playford announces a change to her will, it soon becomes clear that she expects a crime to occur.

With the build up to the murder taking perhaps slightly longer than needed, Hannah soon creates a fast moving mystery that has plenty of twists and turns along the way, featuring numerous characters who aren’t particularly likeable or have much personality about them. One such character is Joseph Scotcher, a key character in the story but his motivations for his behaviour remain a complete mystery right up until the very end  or Doctor Kimpton’s own motivations for his behaviour seem also slightly weak.

However, what makes the novel a success is its attention to detail and the numerous twists and turns that it takes the reader on until the climatic moments in which Poirot reveals the murderer. It is a slow burner, but one that you can not help but continue to read until you discover every last detail behind the crime. Hannah has a great sense of how to keep the reader engaged with the story without losing focus and attention to detail that allows the reader to attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together effectively.

Perhaps Hannah does become a little bit lost in Joseph Scotcher’s background rather than focusing on motivation but overall it is still an engaging and intriguing murder mystery that will delight those who enjoyed The Monogram Murders.

Closed Casket is available to buy through Amazon now. 

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