Opinion: Why Harry Potter Has Proved So Popular With Readers

Twenty years on from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone being published, it is still proving a popular read with readers all over the world. Love London Love Culture explores why it has remained so popular…


Twenty years ago J.K Rowling introduced us all to the world of Harry Potter and in 2017 it is still proving as popular as ever with readers all over the world.

With Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Rowling not only managed to create characters that are so vivid and memorable, she also managed to make reading exciting again by creating a world that was accessible for us all.

So what is it about the magical world of Harry Potter that has endeared it to readers for so long? Well part of the reason is because Rowling introduced us to characters that we could all see an element of  ourselves in – whether it is Harry or Luna or Neville – and completely relate to. None of the characters who we root for are particularly popular, almost outcasts in a way, bullied for not being ‘cool’, and Rowling makes sure that her readers know and understand that its ok to be different and to stand up for yourself.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone also takes readers into a completely different world, one that was created with a lot of imagination and detail that no matter how many times you read it always feels that you are entering it for the very first time.

Rowling’s style of writing may have its critics but for those who love Harry Potter they understand the warmth and understanding she has for all of the characters and the world that she has created. Her sense of humour and use of language is always creative and the descriptions have also managed to transfer to the cinema screen vividly.

Not only is it a story about good vs evil, but it also deals with prejudice, friendship and loyalty, while teaching us how important it is to stand up for your principles and to do good in the world – but does so in a way which is not patronising and is still very much important in 2017.

Yes it had its critics when it was first released and many people accuse it of promoting witchcraft but for millions of readers it has proved comfort in dark times, encouraged those who weren’t confident readers to read and most of all to help us believe in the power of reading again.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is available to buy on Amazon now. 

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