Review Round Up: Rotterdam, Arts Theatre

Following a successful run in New York and winning an Olivier Award this year, Jon Brittain’s bittersweet comedy is back in London. Here is what critics have been making of the production’s return… 


Alice wants to come out as a lesbian. Her girlfriend Fiona wants to start living as a man named Adrian. Now, as he begins his transition, Alice faces a question she never thought she’d ask… does this mean she’s straight?

WhatsOnStage: ***** “Donnacadh O’Briain’s direction is superb – insightful, energetic and perfectly-paced thanks to the near-constant presence of physical humour”

The Times: **** “Jon Brittain’s beautifully structured comedy about gender and sexuality blends the laugh-out-loud funny and the dab-your-eyes tender”

Radio Times: **** “Rotterdam gives transgender people a voice in mainstream theatre and that can only lead to greater understanding.”

Everything Theatre: *** ” While the show educates as it entertains, it often does this at the expense of pursuing a more interesting and nuanced plot.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: **** “Rotterdam is a breath of fresh air in a gender binary world, as well as a thoroughly entertaining show.”

From the Box Office Blog: **** “Jon Brittain takes the extraordinary and makes it seem both ordinary and spellbinding.” “Engaging and exhilarating, this is theatre that’s appealing even if you’re not into theatre.”

Gay Times: ***** ” a genuinely superb piece of theatre – the writing is sharp and intelligent, the acting strong and believable, the production slick, the soundtrack fits perfectly and, above all, it explores important topics with sensitivity, honesty, and a generous dose of humour.”

Mind the Blog: ***** “A vital piece of theatre that brings something very real to the stage, making it universally relatable – without doubt a must-see.”

Official Theatre: ***** “Funny and moving, this nuanced bittersweet play may not be the most extravagant of productions, but it certainly has far more heart than most and should be seen by all.”***** “Director Donnacadh O’Briain has put together an estatic production and where a true sense of accomplishment should be felt by all concerned.”

Johnny ***** “Donnachadh O’Briain’s colourful, crisply-directed production is on fine, confident form at the Arts Theatre.”

Rotterdam will play at the Arts Theatre  until  the 15th July. To book tickets visit: Discount Theatre Tickets,  Theatre and UK


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