NEWS: Alan Ayckbourn’s The Divide to Play at the Old Vic Theatre

The playwright’s new play is set to open at the Old Vic Theatre in 2018 following a run at the Edinburgh International Festival in August. 

the divide

Presented in two parts, the play is set 100 years from now in the aftermath of a deadly contagion. With most of the human population having been wiped out by the virus,  contact between men and women is fatal. The land is now in the control of a preacher, who enforces a solution which involves people being segregated by gender.

Brother and sister Elihu (Jake Davies) and Soween (Erin Doherty) grow up learning the ways of their tightly controlled society. As they begin to glimpse the cracks in the system, Elihu falls for Giella (Weruche Opia), the daughter of two radical mothers, risking fatal disease and threatening to ignite a bloody revolution. The Divide is a vision of a dystopian future defined by brutal repression and forbidden love.

The play will premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival next month, playing at the King’s Theatre for a two week run, before heading to the Old Vic Theatre from the 30th January 2018.

It is set to star Erin Doherty will play Soween and Jake Davies will play Elihu. The cast will also include: Clare Burt, Thusitha Jayasundera, Richard Katz, Joanne McGuiness, Sophie Melville, Clare Lawrence Moody, Weruche Opia, Martin Quinn, Letty Thomas and Sian Thomas.

The Divide will play at the Old Vic Theatre from the 30th January until the 10th February. For more information visit:


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