REVIEW: We Are Bananas by Charles Saatchi

Filled with fascinating facts and statistics alongside some strong photography makes this a book well worth looking at. 


Did you know that mankind shares 50% of their DNA with bananas? or Inuits buy refrigerators to keep food from freezing? These are just a couple of mind bending facts that are featured in this latest book from Charles Saatchi – with many more bewildering statistics that will get you looking at the world differently.

Combining deeply researched information with with a variety of startling images, Saatchi’s book is a great book for those who enjoy reading about little known facts about the world in general or those who with fascination with statistics. Much of the information is relatively scientific, with the number of statistics thrown in as well, means that We are Bananas can seem slightly overwhelming at times.

However, the way in which the information is delivered can be a bit blunt in delivery – particularly in terms of sentence structure can make reading it feel a bit stilted. But despite this, it is clear that a lot of research and background information has gone into the making of the book to provide a lot of entertainment and enjoyment from beginning to end.

We are Bananas could use with a bit more fluidity about it to help keep the reader’s attention, particularly when it relies so much on statistics but it has been written with a great sense of humour that keeps the book lively and enjoyable to read.

Meanwhile, the photography used to illustrate the variety of facts perfectly captures the uniqueness of the book and the information that it contains as well as the bizarreness of it all.

Overall, it is a deeply fascinating and lively book that can amuse readers no matter what page they open up and read. Worth a read for those who have a curious mind.

We are Bananas is available to buy through Amazon now. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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