Review Round Up: Just to Get Married, Finborough Theatre

The Finborough Theatre is currently showing the first London  production of Cicely Hamilton’s play in 100 years and is directed by Melissa Dunne. Here’s what critics have been saying about it: 

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Approaching her 30th birthday in early 20th Century England, the clever and poor Georgiana Vicary is waiting for the handsome but shy Adam Lankester to propose to her. 

Her friends expect her to get married, her adoptive parents expect it and more importantly, she expects it of herself – but will her conscience allow it?

From a time when marriage was a socio-economic – rather than just a romantic – decision, Just to Get Married asks how we can have a marriage of equals when the genders are unequal.

Evening Standard: **** “This makes for an involving evening and Melissa Dunne’s production, despite occasional moments of dead air, keeps us gripped.”

The Times: **** “A century after its last staging this is very much a period piece, but its themes still resonate in a terrific production.”

The Stage: *** “Melissa Dunne’s production is a little chintzy in places and some of the supporting performances fall flat but it’s always engaging.”

Everything Theatre: *** ” I feel able to say that the Finborough’s latest offering will not be attractive and will not ‘speak’ to the vast majority of young people. It does, however, provide a niche appeal to fans of 20th Century costume drama.”

Broadway World: *** “the period production looks accurate and detailed: the classy richness of the clothes and accents in the furniture help define the social environment the family inhabits from the very start.”

The Guardian: *** ” while the play is not perfect, it reminds us that female playwrights were grappling with gender equality more than a century ago.”

British Theatre Guide: “Although the play may now seem tailored to suit a 1911 West End audience, it still makes a strong statement and this revival shows how it makes its points while entertaining. It is also a reminder of how far society has changed in the last century—and of how much it hasn’t in terms of equality.”

Traffic Light Theatregoer: “Melissa Dunne directs a lucid production, although the play itself has an enormous amount of intiial exposition, rather going against modern tastes, until the characterful plot really kicks in.”

Just to Get Married continues to play at the Finborough Theatre until the 19th August. For more information visit:



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