PREVIEW: Imagination Against Reality, Proud Galleries

From the 29th to the 30th September, Proud Galleries will display an exhibition devoted to contemporary Pop Art – including an exclusive series of graphic collages by former Rock ‘n’ Roll musician and DJ William Blanchard. 

Dynamite for Judy.jpg
Dynamite for Judy! (c) William Blanchard. 

Known for creating works which are engaging, William Blanchard draws on the sporadic nature of graffiti, urban life, rock music and capitalist imagery to challenge traditional notions of art with socially engaged reactions.

His unique approach to his work has attracted the attention of celebrities such as Jason Donovan and Florence Welch as well as  continuing  to spark interest globally.

The exhibition will examine the distinction between normality and distortion as well as exploring themes such as music, psychedelia, art and popular culture.

Much of Blanchard’s work is inspired by his life of performing within the indie music scene and collaborations with prolific street artists including Ben Eine. The work in this exhibition is extremely personal, with many reflections being derived by from Blanchard’s own childhood possessions, flea markets and street finds amongst musical influences.

Imagination Against Reality is inspired by Lewis Caroll’s 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland and sees Blanchard exploring a concept in which “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”.

Those visiting the exhibition will be invited to enter Blanchard’s own re-imagined world, drawing on Caroll’s peculiar fantasy and its psychedelic connotations and to offer an insight into contemporary Popism through the eyes of Wildcat Will.

Imagination Against Reality will be on display at the Proud Galleries from the 29th to the 30th September. For more information visit:



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