REVIEW: Vine by Jen Gloeckner

This haunting release has plenty of different textures and styles to keep it interesting but it  feels emotionally disengaged from the world in which it was created. 

Jen Gloeckner - VINE - Cover art

There is no denying that there is a lovely eerie quality to Jen Gloeckner’s music, with every track beginning delicately before transforming into something radically different by the end. It is an album that is filled with surprises.

But while much of the album has a haunting atmosphere about it, there are subtle differences between songs such as ‘Counting Sheep’ and ‘Fire Fly’ which reveal an artist who is certainly not afraid to take chances and play around with her style of music to great effect.

While songs such as ‘Blowing Through’ and ‘Row With the Flow’ have a gentle rhythm about them that is pleasing to the ear, Gloeckner is also able to give the album a bit more of an edge with the help the likes of ‘Breathe’ that is able to sharpen the attention of the listener.

Throughout the album, each song ebbs and flows with ease but it feels with little sense of purpose and direction that can make the album feel lost and isolated at times. Everything seems slightly disengaged with the world and emotions – despite the poetic quality of many of the lyrics.

As an album, Vine is able to showcase Gloeckner’s ability to push boundaries musically as shown on ‘Counting Sheep’ and ‘Fire Fly’ in particular which really test the quality of her sound to the limit. But this in turn can make the album feel slightly clinical and distant because of the focus on how to communicate rather than the message being conveyed.

Overall, it is strong in quality but could use with a little more emotional warmth to really get listeners engaged with it fully.

Vine is available to buy and download now through Amazon

Rating: ❤❤❤

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