Review Round Up: The Majority, National Theatre

Rob Drummond’s new play examines democracy, charting a journey through the Scottish Independence Referendum, Brexit and  Trump. But what have critics been saying about David Overend’s production? 


The Independent: *** “A thought-provoking play but not as revealing as one had hoped.”

The Telegraph: *** “It’s an impressive piece of solo performance, and, whenever you go, you’re guaranteed to get something you didn’t expect.”

The Guardian: *** “But, although the show is a plea for nuance and civility, it poses a number of dubious, binary choices.”

The Stage: *** “While it’s a fun show, like the democratic system it comments on, it has its limitations.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “much though I liked Drummond, and like his shambling, genial presence, I didn’t feel that the conclusion he reached – basically a plea for tolerance and listening more – offered much of an answer to a country that is so divided by its beliefs.”

Broadway World: **** “Drummond, who wrote the show and performs solo for its interval-free duration, is always engaging, often amusing and never afraid of making the audience feel a little uneasy.”

London **** ” the majority of the 90-minute show is well-paced and enticing.”

The Upcoming: *** “It’s just so damn frustrating that many of the questions feel cheap, the “oooohs” elicited from the audience based on increasingly grisly brain teasers rather than attempts to start a real debate.”

Time Out: *** “an admirably provocative piece of work. And judging by the heated discussions happening around me as I left, it fulfils its aim of kickstarting debate.”

Culture Whisper: *** “The Majority is perhaps not so portentous a show as it aspires to be, but there is no doubt that it is a very enjoyable and quite original 90 minutes. ”

The Times: *** “Drummond turns his attention to politics, playfully poking holes in our democratic process while asking how we have become so deeply divided.”

City AM: ** “towards the end of the performance, the wording became clumsy and loaded, and the audience began to respond petulantly, which is hardly surprising if you treat them like children.”

London Theatre1: *** “It’s all suitably entertaining, for sure, but I’m not sure it sparks as much debate as it could.’

Evening Standard: *** “Drummond is an engaging performer, and David Overend’s production amusingly parodies the trappings of a glitzy gameshow.”

The Majority continues to play at the National Theatre until the 28th August. For more information visit:



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