Inside the Rehearsals of… Eyes Closed, Ears Covered, The Bunker

As rehearsals get underway for Alex Gwyther’s play, here is a glimpse of what has been happening so far…  Woking 1986. Seb and Aaron have been planning this day for weeks. They’ve written their sick notes. They’ve saved, scraped and stolen the money where they can. They’re actually doing it! Eyes Closed, Ears Covered follows two teenage boys caught… Read More

REVIEW: Late Company, Trafalgar Studios

Following a successful run at the Finborough Theatre, Jordan Tannahill’s play still packs a punch, offering a new insight into mental illness and bullying.  What does it mean to be a bully these days? How can you really tell if those closest to you are suffering from mental illness? These are two essential questions that… Read More