Review Round Up: Glasshouse by Jessie Ware

The singer is back with her brand new third album which includes the singles ‘Midnight’ and ‘Alone’. But what have critics made of the new record? 

The Guardian: *** ” On Glasshouse, she manages to harness her rarely seen diva mode in among the pared-back hallmarks, but the result is a mixed one.”

Financial Times: ** “Jessie Ware is gifted singer but Glasshouse fails to give consistent expression to her abilities.”

The 405: “This album feels reflective of Jessie’s present, a person balancing beautifully between artist, mother and lover.”

The Times: *** “A 32-year-old blessed with a powerful voice and a sophisticated sensibility, Ware has been hailed as a modern Sade, but also as a purveyor of tasteful blandness. On her third album she proves to be a bit of both.”

Renowned for Sound: “The production is what is really wonderful on Glasshouse, and this is what manages to give this album a vital edge and coolness, that retains Jessie Ware’s distinct and perfectly balanced sound with a sophisticated style.”

The Metro: *** “While the music is unremarkable, the confessional and raw, honest lyrics are a new departure for an artist whose impeccable cool has sometimes gone hand in hand with impersonal, abstract emotions.”

Northern Transmissions: ” Jessie Ware’s third album shows a performer that knows how to get her emotion across on a microphone.”

Press Play Ok: ** “As you’d expect from an album with this title, Glasshouse is exceptionally polished. But every pound spent on it, every production decision made, is so creakingly obvious that this pristine edifice threatens to collapse in on itself sometimes.”

Irish Times: **** “Marking the lows that lead to the highs, Ware delicately captures the many frays within a loving but complex relationship, breaks them down and celebrates them.” “Each song on Glasshouse has its own distinct aesthetic; unlike her previous albums, 2012’s Devotion and 2014’s Tough Love, there are no songs here that could be confused for each other, none that seem an afterthought carved from the greater mood of the album. ”

Glasshouse is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 

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