Review Round Up: Witness for the Prosecution, County Hall

The jury has delivered their verdict on this new production of Agatha Christie’s classic story directed by Lucy Bailey. Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews…

witness for the prosecution

Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. The stakes are high – will Leonard survive the shocking witness testimony, will he be able to convince the jury, and you of his innocence and escape the hangman’s noose? 

The Guardian: **** “the fact that we are in a debating chamber serves to heighten the play’s theatricality.”

WhatsOnStage: ** “The plot relies heavily on the incredible, but is clever. If you don’t know it, its twists still have the capacity to produce gasps of surprise. Yet the writing is old-fashioned in the extreme, repeating things we already know and then rushing through elements that are new.”

The Stage: ** “ultimately the production resembles something you might catch on ITV3 in the early afternoon.”

The Metro: **** “William Dudley’s design captures the uncomfortable, antiquated and perhaps inappropriate sense of theatre that still exists in court rooms today.”

The Times: **** “If this is tosh, it’s terrific tosh: the setting, the playing, the plotting keep you guessing happily throughout.”

Time Out: **** “a deliciously enjoyable revival. It has the same twisty-turn-y fun as the best Christie TV adaptations.”

Broadway World: **** “A fantastic cast and creative team combine to make a truly thrilling piece of theatre that’s an experience as much as a show – a theatrical jury service you’ll never forget.”

London *** “It is a nice theatrical experience. William Dudley’s design is faultless, though this grandiose setting does it many a favour. Lucy Bailey’s direction also aids the realistic vibe, with some subtle tinkering with the lights and sound to remind you that you are watching a play.”

British Theatre Guide: “Whatever her faults, the crime writer knew how to work an audience and consistently springs surprises that may be unlikely but sway the emotions to and fro until you leave the venue almost dizzy.”

The Daily Mail: “Great setting, memorable staging, pacy acting. The queen of cunning has been brilliantly served.”

The Telegraph: **** “thanks to fiendishly canny producing, the place as much as the melodramatic play’s the thing.”

Evening Standard: *** “Given the reliance on slippery plot twists, this is a show that will probably appeal most to people who have’t seen the Fifties film”

Radio Times: *** ” an evening that is never less than thoroughly entertaining.”

Sardines Magazine: “Highly recommended to renew your faith in the Queen of Crime’s timeless legend.”

Witness for the Prosecution will play at the London County Hall from the 6th October until the 11th March 2018. For more information visit: . To book tickets: Love London Love Culture, Theatre.comSee Tickets.comLove and Theatre

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