It has been announced that Steven Berkoff’s East will play at the King’s Head Theatre from the 10th January 2018. 


East catapults us into the rowdy youth of Mike and Les as they fight over Mike’s girl Sylv and become unexpected allies. Assaultive, riotously funny, and entirely unapologetic, we are lured into their tall-tales of felony and bravado and we come to recognise their brutal kind of charm. Sylv knows her most potent weapon is her sexuality, but she still has the spit and pluck to level with the boys. Meanwhile, Mum and Dad live separate inner lives, both coming alive in the flickering light of memories, recalling lives they once led – or wish they had.

This new revival of the play will be directed by Jessica Lazar who said: “East resonates so powerfully in the mood of 2017/18 because Berkoff sought to turn “a welter of undirected passion and frustration into a positive form”. But it is also, put simply, a brilliant play.”

East is a play which is filled with youth and energy, with language veering from Shakespearean verse to the depths of profanity. It remains relevant today as it explores unfulfilled dreams and explosions of longing – with no room for any middle ground.

Filled with lust, wit and fury East will star Russell Barnett, Jack Condon, James Craze, Debra Penny and Boadicea Ricketts.

Meanwhile, the creative team will include: set and costume by Anna Lewis as well as sound and lighting by David Doyle. The production is produced by Bridie Bischoff and Tom Ford for Atticist.

East will play at the King’s Head Theatre from the 10th January until the 3rd February 2018. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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