Review Round Up: Meaning of Life by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is back with her eighth studio album, following on from 2015’s ‘Piece by Piece’. But what have critics made of it? 

The Guardian: *** “the strong, 90s diva-ish mood suits Clarkson’s belting vocal style, as she ushers in a more soulful phase with class.”

The Atlantic: “Clarkson connects the revival-church sound to her biography, playing up her Texan bona fides.”

The Times: **** “Clarkson makes the most of her wide-ranging and powerful pipes, which are capable of expressing emotion without resorting to the vocal gymnastics on which lesser singers rely.”

Variety: “The album is at its best when it’s less about making the attitude as huge as the voice and more about finding the sly side of soul singing.”

Express: ***** ” This first album of her new chapter is a remarkable ride.”

Pop Crush: “On Meaning of Life, Clarkson is — as we hoped she’d someday be — as good as her Idol inspirations, and then some.”

Slant Magazine: *** 1/2 “Meaning of Life doesn’t reinvent the genre, nor does it try to, but it portrays an artist continuing to redefine herself.”

All Music: **** “Meaning of Life is one of her most satisfying albums: it feels like not just a collection of good tunes, but a statement of purpose.”

Renowned for Sound: *** 1/2 “If nothing else, Meaning of Life illustrates Clarkson’s desire to push her musical boundaries and establish the foundations of the next fifteen years of her career.”

Press Play OK: *** “It’s a remarkable surprise for pop in 2017; Kelly Clarkson may not give us any great answer to the Meaning of Life, but she certainly provides a solid account of her own.”

The FT: *** “Having chafed at the creative restrictions she claims to have faced during her successful post-Idol career, the Texan singer unleashes the full force of her voice on her new songs.”

The Daily Mail: “Her last album, 2015’s “Piece by Piece,” was almost mournful in contrast to the 14-track “Meaning of Life,” which is brimming with humor, sass and light.”

Meaning of Life is available to buy now

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