PREVIEW: Sensory Circus, FEEL Theatre

Feel Theatre’s latest show has been created for young people with PMLD, helping develop visual perception, tracking, concentration and focus.


Blast off into space with Neo, our little alien puppet and discover the magical wonders of planet circus. Sensory Circus is a UV and LED glow performance combining circus and puppetry, followed by a sensory play session. 

With performances next taking place at the Theatre Royal Stratford East between 14th to the 23rd December, the show offers a fun type of theatre where the young people can get involved too.

Feel Theatre was formed in 2015 by Erika Noda, Natalya Martin, Philippe Oodian and Mark Woodhouse. The company is consisted of lead directors Natalya Martin and Erika Noda who help develop, fund and manage multiple shows, events and workshops for the company.

The company initially came together in October 2015 5 as a group project in the last year of training at East 15 Acting School on the BA Acting and Community Theatre degree course to create their vision to create sensory work with and for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

Sensory Circus is a show which focuses on a specific element of the senses and development of young people with PMLD.

FEEL Theatre’s ambitions include touring Sensory Circus to schools, community centres and hospices across Essex and London as well as continue to develop exciting, new work; and expand our pool of associate artists and performers.

For more information about Sensory Circus and FEEL Theatre visit:


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