PREVIEW: Tiny Dynamite, Old Red Lion Theatre

Abi Morgan’s play to  return to London for the first time in fifteen years, directed by David Loumgair. 

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During their annual pilgrimage to the countryside, two childhood friends, forever bound by a terrible event from their past, encounter a beautiful stranger who couldn’t possibly exist. Threatening to uncover a truth long since buried, these friends must learn to take responsibility for their lives or risk spending the rest of them running from their guilt.

Exploring how tiny events from our pasts can have explosive effects on our futures, Tiny Dynamite asks whether we really can shed the experiences, memories and people that shape us.

Morgan described Tiny Dynamite as being about “‘knowing when to take responsibility for your life and those moments when you have to just step back and let a miracle happen.”

A mixture of a love story with those of a ghost tale and psychological thriller, Tiny Dynamite asks if it is ever possible to shed the experiences, memories and people that ultimately shape who we are or we have to face the truth in the end?

Director David Loumgair said: “The play speaks to the ways trauma impacts on our lives and shapes the people we become, how it binds us to others through collective experience whether we like it or not. I think Tiny Dynamite explores the bravery it takes to confront these experiences, asking how can we heal and move forward with our lives, not just on our own, but together.”

Since writing Tiny Dynamite, Morgan has written critically-acclaimed screen-plays including Shame, starring Michael Fassbender and directed by Steve McQueen, The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep and directed by Phyllida Lloyd and Suffragette, starring Carey Mulligan and directed by Sarah Gavron.

Tiny Dynamite will play at the Old Red Lion Theatre from the 9th January until the 3rd February 2018. For more information visit: 

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