REVIEW: bloom by Will Dutta

The composer’s second album is filled with intensity and excellent combination of music to make it a fascinating album to listen to. 


Five years on from the release of his debut album, Will Dutta has reunited with Plaid (Warp), composer Max de Wardener, sound designer Manuel Poletti (IRCAM) and Ed Macfarlane of the Friendly Fires for this interesting second release which provides an insight into the way in which the composer works.

With tracks such as ‘Whiting Flowre’ and ‘Tangram’, Dutta has able to create a crisp and clear sound that combines both classical and contemporary music to great effect, revealing how both genres can work in great harmony with each other.

As the album continues, there is a great intensity on all of the songs which allows for a great variety of combination of sounds to start coming through, as heard in particular on ‘A Higher Sense of Time’ , which shows an album which grows increasingly confident and bold in the direction in which it wants to go.

While for the most part this works effectively, there are the occasional moments on tracks such as ‘Beauty Still’ and ‘Morte Point’ which can sound a little bit clunky, jarring on the ears slightly and disrupting the pleasant flow of the album up until a certain point.

The overall vibe of bloom is one that is serious in its experimentation but also has moments when it is able to let go and simply have fun as heard on the playful and joyful ‘this was written by hand’ which is wonderfully performed with a delicate touch that is delightful to listen to.

There is no doubting that this is a self-assured album that could use a little more self-control in places to make it flow better and to be appreciated properly. But overall, it is fascinating to listen to.

bloom is available to buy now:

Rating: ❤❤❤

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