This debut album showcases the vocal talents of three talented singers with the help of a strong selection of songs. 

Filled with warmth, personality and fabulous songs, the Leading Ladies have created a wonderful album that really captures all of their vocal strengths perfectly.

As well as featuring songs from musicals that they have starred in (Dreamgirls, The Bodyguard and Beautiful the Musical), Songs from the Stage also features songs that show just how good their harmonies work together with precision.

Their interpretation of ‘Seasons of Love’ is wonderfully soulful and heartfelt, capturing the spirit of the song with great sensitivity. It has plenty of warmth and depth to it that makes the listener sit up and pay attention – a very sincere rendition.

But while the slower numbers on the album such as ‘Falling Slowly’ and ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ have great harmonies, Songs from the Stage also allows all three singers to let loose and have fun as ‘Raise the Roof’ proves. It is a number which has plenty of sass and personality that allows the singers to show off their acting skills within song to great effect.

There is only the occasional moment on the album when perhaps the arrangement and vocals don’t quite work perfectly as on ‘Somebody to Love’ that can make it seem a little bit clunky in places, however this isn’t too troublesome as for the majority of the record everything seems to sound smooth and effortless.

Throughout the album there is great passion and enthusiasm that makes this album enjoyable to listen to – particularly when listening to numbers such as ‘I’m Every Woman’ and ‘Helpless’. But it has to be said it no matter how great the album is, it is difficult to see where this venture between Amber Riley, Beverley Knight and Cassidy Janson will lead given the many different directions that their individual careers will take.

However, for now Songs from the Stage is a great addition to any musical theatre lover’s collection – particularly if they adore all of these leading ladies.

Songs From the Stage is out now. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤


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