NEWS: Icarus Theatre Collective’s The Tragedy of Macbeth to Tour UK

The theatre company will take their production of The Tragedy of Macbeth around the UK from January 2018. 

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Unrivalled on the battlefield, Macbeth is rewarded with rank and favour by a grateful king but the war has left its scars. With each enemy Macbeth butchers, his lust for power takes a more menacing grip. Spectres slaughtered on the battlefield drip poison in his ear, and passions erupt as he ferociously seizes the throne. But, violence breeds violence, and a reign born in blood quickly spirals out of control as Macbeth’s demons return to destroy him.

Icarus Theatre Collective’s production of Shakespeare’s tragedy is set in the 11th century and centres around the idea that Macbeth himself is suffering from PTSD.

Talking about the production, director Max Lewendel said: “War is hell, and medieval warfare even more so. There is something in the psychology of PTSD that resonates here in a very Hitchcockian kind of way. This world is a supernatural nightmare for Macbeth and I wanted to explore the idea that the horrors of what he has done and seen lurk in every shadow, in every corner.”

As well as blending the traditional and the physical to bring the story to life, many of the roles traditionally played male are in this production cast as female characters.

The production is set to star: Lawrence Stubbings , Miztli Rose Neville, James Heatlie, Rowan Winter, Charlotte Cracknell , Kaiden DuBois , Andrew Hislop , Lindset Huebner and  Jay Wilson.

Meanwhile, the creative team is set to include: set design by Curtis C Trout, costume design by Isabella Van Braeckel, lighting by Stevie Carty and sound and music by Theo Holloway.

The Tragedy of Macbeth will tour the UK from the 24th January until the 9th March. For more information visit:

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