REVIEW: See You in the Spotlight by Diana S. Quigley

Diana S. Quigley’s story is bright, sunny and a cosy read on an Autumn’s evening. 

see you in the spotlight

Set during the 1930’s and 40’s, See You in the Spotlight is a story of how love can survive against all odds – particularly when a World War looms over everybody’s head.

Lottie Blue and Chuck Maroon whose childhood friendship develops into love over the years, have many challenges to face together and as individuals to be together including having to deal with Lottie’s disapproving father and the outbreak of war. Can their bond survive through it all?

Briskly paced, Quigley’s heartfelt story is easy to engage with right from the beginning with its strong female characters and down-to-earth nature that gets right to the heart of the characters and their family lives.

Despite the references to terrifying incidents during the war and the family rift in the Blue family, this is ultimately a very positive story that is filled with hope and love – even if many of the conflicts are perhaps resolved slightly too quickly to feel genuine enough.

Quigley’s style of writing is warm and affectionate, always getting straight to the point relatively quickly. However on occasion, the way in which the characters talk to one another and descriptions of scenes can be a little bit blunt and can disrupt the flow of the story slightly.

But, all of the characters are very well developed and there is no denying that you are completely absorbed by the story from the opening page. It is all very spirited and energetic from beginning to end, grabbing your attention with its brisk style but also the clear  bond between the main characters make the reader feel very much part of their lives.

Reading it from beginning to end, with both Lottie and Chuck wanting to appear on the stage, there is certainly musical theatre vibe that runs through the plot which suggests the whole story is in fact a love letter to the stage – the way in which certain moments and incidents have been written, references to songs which the characters sing and even the way in which the characters develop over the course of the story as individuals.

Overall, if you are looking for a light hearted and romantic read to warm up with on a cold Autumn night then look no further.

See You in the Spotlight is available to buy now

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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