NEWS: Production Images Released for Swamp Studios’ Night at the Bombay Roxy

Production images have been released for the world premiere of Swamp Studios’ Night at the Bombay Roxy, playing at the Dishoom Kensington until the 14th December. 

Sophie Khan Levy and the jazz band. (c) Helen Maybanks. 

Night at the Bombay Roxy will  transport the audience to the opening night of the Bombay Roxy, a café and jazz club housed within a former Art Deco cinema set in Bombay, 1949.  The performance will be matched with a lavish dining experience. Audience members will be greeted with welcome cocktails, and then will feast on a menu of classic Bombay dishes as the performance unfolds.

Night at the Bombay Roxy

Manish Gandhi and Raj Aich (c) Helen Maybanks.

This immersive Indian noir stars Vikash Bhai, who plays the role Cyrus, and Sophie Khan Levy who  plays Ursula. They are joined by Raj Aich as Romesh, Seema Bowri as Farah, Manish Gandhi as Rudy and Harmage Singh Kalirai will play the role of the Inspector.

Swamp Studios has recently announced that due to popular demand, Night at the Bombay Roxy is now booking at the Dishoom Kensington until the 14th December.

Sophie Khan Levy and Harmage Singh Kalirai (c) Helen Maybanks. 

The production will  feature a live five piece jazz band formed of: Laurence Garrat will feature on double bass alongside Miguel Gorodi on trumpet, Leon Greening on piano, Dave Ingamells on drums and Helena Kay on saxophone and clarinet.

Each immersive performance will feature a dining experience, during which audience members can feast on a menu of classic Bombay dishes as the performance unfolds, while sipping on cocktails.

Vikash Bhai (c) Helen Maybanks. 

The production has been created by Swamp Studios, a theatre company led by Ollie Jones and Clem Garritty (from the award-winning theatre collective Kill the Beast). Night at the Bombay Roxy has been directed by Eduard Lewis, with the rest of the creative team including: composer Dom James, movement director Sara Green, lighting designer Christopher Nairne and sound designer, David Gregory.

Night at the Bombay Roxy will be performed at the Dishoom Kensington from the  until the 14th December. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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