REVIEW: La Soiree, Aldwych Theatre

Filled with acts who can do amazing tricks La Soiree is back in London! But does presenting it in a theatre restrict the show too much? 

La Soiree 2017/2018
Mallakhamb India featuring Rajesh Amrale (c) Brinkhoff/ Mogenburg.

Always expect the unexpected when it comes to watching La Soiree is one piece of advice that is good to pass on to potential audience members for this well loved cabaret show. Whether it is acrobatics, hair dangling or a new aerial concept with tension straps there is certainly plenty for audiences to enjoy in this latest London season for La Soiree.

However, it has to be said that given the show is normally performed entirely in the round (something that despite best efforts doesn’t quite come off in the Aldwych Theatre), this new home for La Soiree is very restrictive and limits entirely what skills the cast can pull off. This means therefore, that the show feels less adventurous than it normally does – not helped by the evident lack of space due to tables on the stage for audience members.

Yet, there is no denying that the show has plenty of energy and enthusiasm and places the audience firmly at the centre of the show (much to some audience members embarrassment). Highlights come in the form of Leon and Klodi’s beautiful hand-to-hand performance that really highlights their strength and agility, LJ Marles’s wonderful aerial performance choreographed perfectly to Michael Jackson’s ‘Dirty Diana’ and Michele Clark’s amazing hula hooping act which makes the hula hoops look as though they are held up by magic at one point.

But what lets the show down slightly is the way in which it constantly switches between beautiful performances like the ones mentioned above to something slightly more rowdy and ultimately unnecessary which ruins the joy and awe-inspiring moments of the previous act. By this, I’m referring to the antics of Dare Devil Chicken who are so over the top with their sense of humour might not be to everyone’s taste that can make the audience feel slightly uncomfortable (as one poor audience member found out to his cost). Some might find them entertaining but for me it didn’t fit into the vibe of the show.

Overall though, it is still an entertaining show with plenty to enjoy but the odd staging element needs to be resolved (as some parts are missed if you sitting close to the stage) to make this a thoroughly satisfying evening.

La Soiree will play at the Aldwych Theatre from the 24th November until the 3rd February 2018. To book tickets visit: London Love CultureSee Tickets.comLast Minute.comLove Theatre.comTheatre Tickets and Encore Tickets

 Rating: ❤❤❤

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