Review Round Up: Charles II: Art & Power, Queen’s Gallery

This latest exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery explores how the court of Charles II became the centre for the patronage of leading artists and the collecting of great works of art. Here, Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews: 


The Guardian: **** ” a tremendous narration of history through objects and images.”

The Times: “A lavish show at Buckingham Palace reveals how he brought the monarchy back to glory with baroque bling.”

The BBC: **** “If, however, you are in the market for a richly told, thought-provoking history lesson that feels surprisingly relevant in today’s Brexit Britain, with the added bonus that its central protagonist looks like Brian May from Queen, then you might consider the £11 ticket price as money well spent.”

London Visitors: “This fascinating exhibition examines the creation of a new royal court after the restoration of the monarchy. In many respects it was ‘business as usual’ with large amounts of money lavished on replenishing the trappings of power. However, the fate of his Charles I did mean that Charles II could not take the ‘people’ for granted and favourable portraits were produced for adorning the walls of the palaces and for the growing print trade.”

Evening Standard: **** “A Titian from the Dutch Gift and a series of Leonardo studies from the Earl are among the real gems.”

Charles II: Art & Power is on display at the Queen’s Gallery until the 13th May 2018. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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