REVIEW: 42nd Street, 2017 London Cast Recording

This cast recording of London’s popular musical brings the show to life brilliantly and is well worth a listen. 


It is always difficult to capture the magical nature of a popular West End show onto an album, but with this gorgeous soundtrack the cast and everybody involved with the creation of this album have succeeded beautifully.

From the wonderful richness of the orchestra’s interpretation of Harry Warren’s music, particularly on tracks such as ‘Dames/Keep Young and Beautiful’ and ‘Sunny Side to Every situation’, all the way through to the cast’s irresistible performances of ‘Shuffle Off to Buffalo’ and ‘We’re in the Money’ – everything is a delight to the ear.

Conducted by Joe Alexander, the orchestra is on lively form, bringing the richly layered score to life with accuracy and enthusiasm throughout. The arrangements of the entire score really capture the story, bringing it to life for the listener.

What this soundtrack also does effectively is bring to life the memories of certain parts of the show that the listener will have seen (if they have seen the show in the flesh) live. For example whether it is the cleverly choreographed ‘Shadow Waltz’ or the magnificent ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ staged with spectacular effect – everything about listening to this cast recording sparks off memories of why this show is a great addition to the West End.

The cast as well sound on excellent form. Sheena Easton perfectly captures her character’s drama queen personality with just enough vulnerability in moments such as ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’ – sung with such warmth that it is impossible not to enjoy. Tom Lister’s surprisingly good voice really captures the attention on ‘Lullaby of Broadway’, while Clare Halse as Peggy is pitch perfect on songs such as ‘About a Quarter to Nine’ and of course ’42nd Street’.

It is an album that makes you realise just how much you want and need to see this spectacular production again – but until you do, this record is certainly a strong alternative. Well worth a listen.

The cast recording of 42nd Street is available to buy now

Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

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