NEWS: Ovalhouse Theatre Announces Spring 2018 Season

The Ovalhouse Theatre has announced details of its Spring 2018 season including brand new show Random Selfies and a retelling of the myth of Medea. 

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Opening the Ovalhouse’s new season will open with Medea Electronica  playing at the theatre from the 30th January. This new retelling of the myth of Medea is reimagined as a 1980s Prog Rock gig.

This will then be followed by Margarita Sidirioskatriti’s One Item Only  playing at the theatre on the 16th and 17th February.

Meanwhile, Little Soldier Productions will present Derailed which will arrive at the theatre from the 21st February until the 3rd March in which audiences are invited to Spanish artists Patricia and Mercè’s leaving party.

Zoe Lafferty’s production of So Many Reasons  will arrive at the Ovalhouse from the 6th to the 10th March.  Rachel Ofori’s play examines the unique influence our mothers have on how we understand the world, from the perspective of a first generation British Ghanaian woman.

From the 14th to the 24th March, Danielle Pearson’s This Restless State  will visit the theatre. The production combines intimate storytelling with evocative sound to take audiences across our continent’s past, present and future with a story of family, nationhood, conflict and love.

Directed by Owen Calvert-Lyons, Random Selfies  brings to life the vivid imagination of ten-year-old Loretta; a lonely girl in a busy world and is performed on a digitally animated set. It will be performed at the theatre from the 27th March. 

Coconut  is a story for anyone who has ever felt like they are disappointing people. Written by Guleraana Mir and directed by Madelaine Moore, the story follows Rumi, a British Pakistani woman who’s referred to as a ‘Coconut’ and her relationship with Simon whose decision to to convert to Islam soon affects her life in ways she couldn’t have imagined. The production will play at the theatre from the 11th April. 

Talking about the news Owen Calvert-Lyons, Ovalhouse’s Head of Theatre & Artist Development said: “It’s hard to know what to be more excited about in our Spring Season programme: our artists’ responses to Brexit; my own debut production for Ovalhouse; the launch of our new Learning and Participation programme; or the fact that 75% of our productions this season are female-led.”

For more information about the Ovalhouse’s Spring season visit:


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