Review Round Up: The Jungle, Young Vic Theatre

This Young Vic and National Theatre co-production examines the stories of those who lived in The Jungle in Calais. Here Love London Love Culture rounds up the reviews. 


Okot wants nothing more than to get to the UK. Beth wants nothing more than to help him.Meet the hopeful, resilient residents of “The Jungle”– just across the Channel, right on our doorstep.Join refugees and volunteers from around the world over fresh baked naan and sweet milky chai at the Afghan Café.  

The Independent: ***** “The production is beautifully orchestrated, deftly weaving individual storylines into the general hubbub of argument and song.”

WhatsOnStage: ***** “It is quite the most moving, involving and important show you are likely to see this Christmas.”

The Financial Times: ***** “It’s an important, deeply moving piece of theatre that challenges us to face this terrible, intractable crisis.”

Time Out: ***** ” This is a story we need to hear again. Murphy and Robertson pull off a remarkably vibrant and vital retelling.”

The Stage: ***** “A haunting, humane masterpiece. Hearts ache. Anger boils. Tears flow.”

The Guardian: ***** “This devastating, uplifting show is beady-eyed even as it celebrates the human capacity to build something out of nothing, to work together and try to make a difference.”

Culture Whisper: **** “Profound and important, The Jungle may not tell us anything drastically new about the refugee crisis, but what it seeks to do is bring the reality of the crisis in all its complexity closer to home.”

Broadway World: **** “The production is not an easy one to watch. It’s uncomfortable and unnerving. But it is a statement: one that says that art can (and will), change the world.”

The Telegraph: **** “As eloquently and powerfully as any production of A Christmas Carol, this front-line drop-in drama asks you to look to your heart and enlarge it. ”

The Times: **** “The urgency, vividness and wit of this show becomes more potent as it goes on, yet at times it does sprawl”

The Upcoming: ***** “The Jungle is not just a play, but an absolutely vital attempt to raise awareness and bring the tragedy of unwanted and abandoned refugees (thousands of whom are still stranded on the border even after the Jungle has been replaced by a huge field of rapeseed) to the attention of the world.”

Evening Standard: **** “Through it all runs bristling indignation that the UK could have colluded in a situation that allows unaccompanied children to roam freely among the chaos.”

Exeunt Magazine: “It’s one of the strongest points of Joe Murpy and Joe Robertson’s script for The Jungle that the British volunteers come off so warty.”

A Younger Theatre:  “If you do one thing this December, watch The Jungle. You will find an excellent, enormous cast, honest intentions, authentic emotions and poignant word play.”

The Metro: ***** “Although there are tales, such as that of mentally and physically scarred 17-year-old Okot from Sudan (beautifully underplayed by John Pfumojena) that will sear themselves into the memory, so will the impression that the Jungle was brimful of hope, humour and humanity.”

The Jungle continues to play at the Young Vic Theatre until the 9th January 2018. For more information visit:


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