New Music: Sanctifaction by Gediminas Gelgotas

The composer’s latest work for double bass and piano titled Sanctifaction is available to download on iTunes.

This latest piece from Gelgotas is the fourth movement of one of  his symphonies and he has specially rearranged it for renowned double bassist Roman Patkoló, building it around the 2 aforementioned instruments.

As a classically trained composer and pianist Gediminas Gelgotas blends a number of different styles from a range of influences. For Sanctifaction, the composer has stuck to the rules of classic music, while pushing the boundaries.

The new piece is released ahead of long-time collaborator and conductor Kristjan Järvi premiering Gediminas Gelgotas’ Violin Concerto No. 1 at the Kissinger Sommer Festival on 7th July 2018.

Throughout his work, Gelgotas combines unconventional and experimental styles into his pieces as seen in Sanctifaction which showcases his ability to weave in and out of the classical genre with ease.

By rearranging the fourth movement of his symphony for the double bass, Gelgotas highlights the overlooked instrument as well as giving it a more contemporary approach.

Sanctifaction by Gediminas Gelgotas is available to download through iTunes now

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