NEWS: Alexander Matthews Season Announced at Tristan Bates Theatre

The Tristan Bates Theatre has announced an Alexander Matthews season to run at the theatre from the 31st January until the 24th March. 

Screaming Secrets Square Image-01.jpg

The theatre will present the debut of the playwright and philosopher’s two social dramas  ‘Screaming Secrets’ and ‘Glass Roots’ which will have back-to-back runs, forming the first Alexander Matthews season in the UK.

Both productions will be directed by Evan Keele with production design by Nancy Surman.

Screaming Secrets (31st January- 24th February) examines our need  to be understood and appreciated.

What do we do when we’re faced with our own mortality? How do we tell our family and friends and what should we do with the time that’s left? These are the questions that face philosopher and free thinker Antonio (Jack Gordon) as he discovers that he’s not as healthy as he thinks. Surrounded by his irascible father Alessandro (Gregory Cox), his dramatic sister Gina (Ilaria Ambrogi), flirty girlfriend Monika (Triana Terry) drunken publisher Hugo (Theo Devaney) and apologetic doctor Simon (Ben Warwick), Antonio has to make up his mind rapidly.

Meanwhile, Glass Roots (28th February – 24th March) looks at bullying, addressing the violent clash of ignorance, racism, class and jealousy and wonders at the outcome.

what happens when you are bullied and are powerless to fight back? Can you survive with your psychology intact or is the damage permanent? This is the terrible ordeal faced by Sadjit and Thila, owners of a popular Indian restaurant in east London when they are terrorised in their own place of work by racist thugs.

The cast for Glass Roots includes: Victoria Broom, Mitchell Fisher, Natalie Perera, Sam Rix Kal Sabir and Ben Warwick.

The Alexander Matthews season at the Tristan Bates theatre will play from the 31st January until the 24th March. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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