NEWS: Survey Reveals Top Dance Scenes in Films

A new survey carried out by Dancewear Central  reveals the nations top ten favourite dance scenes from films. Here’s the top 10 dance scenes…

10.  Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp: 

As one of the most iconic songs used in the film, it is no wonder that the dance sequence to Time Warp has come in at number 10 on the list.

9. Chicago – All That Jazz: 

Packing a punch right from the start, All That Jazz and the choreography really highlights how sexy and sharp this film (and the musical it is based on) is going to be. It is cool and slick from beginning to end.

8.  Billy Elliot – gymnasium dance: 

if there a scene that captures the spirit of Billy Elliott and what the film is about then this is it. A showcasing of strong talent filled with determination, this dancing scene is deservedly part of this list.

7. West Side Story – America: 

Filled with sass and attitude, this spirited and memorable scene is wonderful to watch over and over again. It has fantastic choreography that is contemporary in style, capturing the passion and spirit of all of the characters well.

6. Flashdance – What a Feeling: 

There are so many dance scenes that you first think of when it comes to film and this one from the 1983 classic has plenty of flair and creativity that celebrates the character’s sense of freedom. A classic.

5. Saturday Night Fever – You should be Dancing: 

You could probably pick out any dance sequence out of Saturday Night Fever and it would instantly recognisable. But this one really showcases John Travolta’s moves perfectly with the help of the classic Bee Gees song.

4. Napoleon Dynamite – Canned Heat: 

3. Grease – Greased Lightening: 

This is probably one of the first songs that most people learn the moves to! I know it was for me and given the fact the music from Grease is constantly played at parties etc – this energetic routine is one of the highlights from the film.

2. Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life: 

Every girl who has seen this film will most definitely wanted to learn this dance with their partner – and it has proved popular with couples with the first dance at weddings. Due to the popularity of the film, this scene has become iconic and is set to remain so for years to come.

1.The dance scene between Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction: 

Oozing with style, this scene from Pulp Fiction has been confirmed as the nation’s favourite dance scene from a film. Remind yourself of the scene above.


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