PREVIEW: Dai Fujikura Portrait, Wigmore Hall

Following last year’s Avex Recital Series, Avex now launch its 2018 programme with a special concert focusing on the work of Dai Fujikura  at the Wigmore Hall on the 17th February. 

Dai Fujikura

Featuring musicians from around the world, the concert will also mark several UK premières as well as a world premiere of a piece for solo piano.

The artists who will be performing at Wigmore Hall will include Mei Yi Foo (piano and toy piano), HONJOH Hidejiro (shamisen), Yu Kosuge (piano), Rie Koyama (bassoon), Masanori Oishi (saxophone), Enno Senft (double bass), Philippe Tondre (oboe), Bartosz Woroch (violin), Makoto Yoshida (clarinet) and Teunis van der Zwart (horn).

Throughout his career Dai Fujikura has won numerous awards including the Royal Philharmonic Society Award, Otaka Prize, Akutagawa Composition Award, WIRED Audi Innovation Award, the Paul Hindemith Prize, and The Silver Lion Award from Venice Biennale 2017. His works include e operas, orchestral pieces, ensemble works, chamber music and film scores.

Dai Fujikura said: “I am delighted to have a portrait concert at the renowned Wigmore Hall with all-star musicians from all over the world. Many of the works have been specially written for these musicians, for both traditional Japanese and western instruments. I am curious to hear 20 years of my music played together at this concert which includes compositions dating back to 1998 as well as a world premiere. What a way to celebrate my 40th!”

For more information about the Dai Fujikura Portrait and to book tickets for the concert at Wigmore Hall on the 17th February visit:

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