Review Round Up: Coco

This latest Disney and Pixar film follows the story of a boy who is accidentally transported  to the land of the dead. But what have critics had to say about it? 

The Guardian: **** “This is a charming and very memorable film.”

Empire: ***** “Local foods and traditions such as alebrijes (folk-art sculptures of fantastical creatures) are everywhere — and that representation is not just a moral good, but makes for more original storytelling.”

The Mirror: **** “But it is a heartfelt film, full of fun, culture and moments that will have you reaching for tissues.”

NME: **** “After two decades of unrivalled success, Pixar had hit a wall. But Coco, its latest effort, is a joyous quasi-musical that smashes that wall to bits.”

The Independent: **** “Coco has heart as well as jokes, and there are probably worse ways of introducing children to the party-pooping concept of death.”

The Telegraph:***** “But its flights of fancy are all grounded by the film’s commitment to its central point: that there’s no better means of weighing the worth of a life than the way we remember it.”

Den of Geek: ***** “Tender, a tad macabre, fun-packed and just plain beautiful. Coco is quite, quite brilliant.”

The Wrap: “If an animated movie is going to offer children a way to process death, it’s hard to envision a more spirited, touching and breezily entertaining example than “Coco,” Pixar’s full-throttled foray into the intricately celebratory world of Mexico’s annual remembrance festival Día de los Muertos.”

Irish Times: **** “On paper, the mythology scans as complicated and dark, but in the capable hands of Academy Award winner Lee Unkrich(Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3) and Pixar veteran Adrian Molina, Coco is accessible for even the youngest cinema patrons.”

The Boar: ***** “Though Coco is full of life, colour and adventure, it is ultimately a story about family, loss and memory, and that is never forgotten.”

The London Economic: “There’s something refreshingly tender about watching a kid’s film that’s willing to reflect on notions of death and loss with a sense of both sadness and optimism.”

The Sun: **** “It’s been quite rightly hailed as a triumph by Latin American critics for it’s portal of their culture and ceremonies and has since become Mexico’s biggest film EVER.”

The Upcoming: ***** “Messages about dedication, family and making sacrifices for those you love won’t go unnoticed. Although these moral lessons may seem obvious at times, they feel real and occur in tangible moments of pain and heartbreak. Pixar just might have another masterpiece on its hands.”

Coco is in cinemas now. 


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